How our company works

Original manufacturer of B/D

As an original manufacturer of B/D stationary pedestal booms, combined with B/D hydraulic rock breakers replacement parts, and a key supplier of drilling equipment since 1990, you can depend on our product knowledge and know-how whether you are purchasing equipment or simply having equipment serviced.

Junjin Hydraulic Crawler Drills

In 1996, our next expansion brought the arrival of the Soosan/Junjin Hydraulic Crawler Drills. They are powerful pieces of equipment that are built for the roughest of terrains. Our customers can now enjoy advanced drilling technology to tackle some of the world’s toughest drilling challenges..

Specialty Drilling

Over the last 30 years, we've expanded our product line to include a slew of specialty drilling attachments and stand-alone drills. This includes multiple types of drills such as Pneumatic Percussion Drills, Rotary heads, Hydraulic Drifters and Premium Hydraulic Rock Drills. From skid steer drill attachments, excavators attached drills and lightweight self-contained drilling units to fit in the smallest of places. we got your specialty drilling needs covered.