Excavator Drill Attachments

BD Rock Drill - EX-Drill Series


  • Easy mounting on all excavators, using existing breaker lines.
  • Operator friendly; radio remote controls
  • Auto rod changer (6+1) 10ft T45/51
  • A wide working radius (360 degrees)
  • High performance Jet 9-II drifter (2 1/2” to 5” holes)
  • Angle indicator
  • Hydraulic compressors (175 or 265 cfm)
  • More drilling; less travelling
  • Quick change from drill to breaker to bucket in minutes

  • BD Rock Drill - EX-Drill 300


    Weight 3500kg
    Lenght 6320 mm
    Width 2905 mm
    Height 1310 mm
    Working Range 360 deg.
    Tilt 15 deg.
    Jet 9-II drifter 23 kw ( 30hp)
    Compressor (optional)
    HKR 7500, 265 cfm@150 psi
    Dust Collector
    Number of Elements 6
    Suction Capacity 1059CFM / 30 m3
    Auto-Rod Changer
    Numbr of Rods 6+1
    Bit Diameter 69mm~127mm
    Rod size T45/T51
    Max. Hole Depth 21m
    First Rod Length 3660 mm
    Suitable Machine Excavator 30~45tons

    Skid Steer Drill

    Skid steer attachments are perfect for use along with a bucket, fork, or backhoe attachment. The hassle of drilling projects is minimized when a product such as a skid steer drill attachment is used.
  • They are accessible from two sides, allowing quick drilling on either the right or the left
  • They are right-angled, which allows a full range of movement
  • The feed is reversible, allowing for horizontal up or down drilling
  • Their feed travel distances are highly varied
  • Optional joystick controls utilize the advanced hydraulics and allow for a clean installation
  • Customization and Modification

    We offer over 100 attachments for skid steer, fully compatible with all major make & model. We know the importance of selecting the best tool for the job, and our team of passionate, professional experts will be more than happy to assist you through the entire process, including providing customization and modification services for our drills.

    Rotary Head for down the hole drilling